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Intuitive Guide and Life Coach


Intuitive Guidance and Life Coaching

Individual sessions are offered to assist you on your sacred path. Meet your spirit guides, discover blocks to your life goals, invoke the angels for powerful transcendence, and more.


Guided Meditations

Follow along through guided meditations as you journey toward happiness, greater intuition, and peace. Whether you have been meditating for years, or have just dipped your toe into tranquility, Abby can help you unlock your next steps.


Intuitive Reading

Individual intuitive readings may help you discover your life purpose, repeating patterns in your life, past life lessons, or ways to fully embrace that beautiful light within you. Tools used may include channeled messages from your angels and guides, tarot/oracle, astrology, and more.                         


"Nature calls you forth, out of the heart of the wild. Within a world of constant change and challenges the rhythm of the seasons and the voice of intuition brings balance and centeredness to our lives. Learn to sing the stars, dream the moon, and dance the sunlight once again as you reclaim the sacredness within you!"

~Abby Drew  


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About Abby: 

Abby Drew, MSAOM, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

Abby Drew is a licensed acupuncturist, NCCAOM diplomate of Oriental medicine, herbalist, life coach, Reiki master, meditation instructor, and intuitive guide.

Abby works to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit through her extensive background, creating a sacred healing journey. She is committed to fostering this source of deep transformation, bringing it into every aspect of our world.

Abby has led meditations and gatherings for many years: offering healing and inspiration, celebrating the seasons and cycles of nature, and bringing insight to those seeking to create joy in their life. She gently guides people back to their intuitive awakening, assisting and encouraging people to find their own beautiful inner voice.

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